Stratum Ports: Proxy Servers:
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.01]  
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.8]
  stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.01]
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 0.8 ]
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 15]     
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 65]    
   stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 15 ]    
 stratum+tcp:// [Diff: 65]     
*All ports have Vardiff, so eventually you'll be mining at maximum speed at any port
**Looking for a fix diff? Email us.

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latest News
Stratum diff adjustment
posted 01/22/2018 12:25:38

Stratum ports 3359 and 3360 had their diff readjusted for better performance with D3 devices.

Current diffs are:

3359 -> 15
3360 -> 45

For D3 you should connect to port 3360.

Pool Wallet Updated
posted 12/03/2017 21:32:50

Pool Wallet has been update to the latest version.

Dark Gravity Wave v3 Retarget fix applied.

Investigating an Issue
posted 12/01/2017 15:01:08

There was a problem with the communication between the Pool and the wallet which wouldn't detect a found block.

This has been fixed.

Blocks are now showing at the Pool and users  have their rewards on their accounts.

I've also added a new stratum port with higher diff.